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Javascript is an object-based, client side scripting language interpreted by a web browser. An alert message is a good use of javascript, a popup window that interacts with the user is another example of javascript. Javascript code is embedded in an HTML document, it needs to be contained, or encapsulated, in a script element. Javascript code will initiate where it is located in the document. An event is an action taken by a visitor, like clicking the mouse.



When you read or hear about JavaScript and HTML pages, you will often hear that it is an "interpreted language", just like you mentioned in your response. What do you think is meant by the term "interpreted language" and how does that differ from other types of languages, such as Java?



I have always wondered what the term, debugging, means. Chapter 14 explains debugging. For instance, you can use debugging when your JavaScript code is ineffective. You will need to debug the code. Debugging the code locates errors in the code and fixes these errors. In the Firefox browser, the error is shown. Also, the name of the file and the line number where the error is identified is shown. This method is different in notepad. In notepad use the GoTo element to identify the line number. The injection mark will be put at the commencement of that line.




Please talk about this discussion. Need to be 40 to 60 words please. Please turn it on time. You will receive 5 stars from me. Thank You.

















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