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Guided Response: First review several of your classmates’ posts. As a colleague, constructively critique at least two of your classmates’ plans, and provide suggestions for improving their approach. Where needed, don’t be afraid to offer suggestions for scaffolding their approach to what you would think is an appropriate level of English language learner instruction.



New ELLs students are faced with many challenges as they begin school. As a teacher you have to prepare to assist students who have these challenges. Some of the ways you can make Input comprehensive new for ELLs students are: using gestures, movement of body. For example, if you ask to stand make sure you are standing as well. Use pictures, diagrams, objects to demonstrate to students what is happening. Also you can used caption when watching a movie. Another way is to planned activities including games that shows culture, and also helps them to speak another language. For example, a good game is “Simon says” where they can learn to follow instructions.


Scaffolding helps students not only keep up with the rest of the class, but also master different activities they might not be able to master alone. Every child learns different and teachers have to have different approaches to learning. Some children learn things quickly while others struggle especially those ELLs students who cannot speak English to well. He Ells students will struggle pronouncing their words most of the time. Teachers have to assist them and provide opportunities for them to be able to adjust and learn the language. Two examples, I use in my classroom are using visual aids , graphic organizers, charts and pictures  to help them to be able to organized their thinking, get ideas when responding to the text or whatever I am using at the time. Another one I used is getting them to read in groups with their peers.  According to reading rockets. Org states that “Providing small-group reading instruction in five core reading elements (phonological awareness, phonics, reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension) can really help English language learners in the elementary grades.”


How can the teacher effectively lower the affective filter for you while still creating positive anxiety?


According to Piper (2015) “says that if you create a rich, safe welcome classroom environment it will lower the affective filter. I strongly believe that if a student does not feel comfortable in a class they will not adjust properly. They may have issues with their language but they need to be nurtured thus creating a positive model for them moving forward.


Another way would be to create activities where communication learning is the main goal. For example, my favorite game “Simon Says”. This vital in their understanding and instruction process. I will develop positive anxiety because my goal regardless of language barrier is to assist students to meet their goals




Piper, T. (2015). Language, learning, and culture: English language learning in today’s schools. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.








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