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Guided Response: Respond to two classmates.  Review the game/activity they chose and respond with how you would adapt the lesson to include a child with a specific disability (such as vision impairment, Downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, etc.) If relevant, include a reflection of your own experiences with the game/activity they described.



I picked the game Red Rover.

Basic Idea

                Two teams line up. One team starts by chanting “red rover, red rover, send (opposing teams player) on over! The child runs toward the group and trying to break through the team. If they break through the team, they are able to return to their line along with one of the other teams players. If they do not break the chain, they are forced to join the team. The goal is to end up with the all players on one side.


                Red Rover violates the safety aspect of the 4’s. The children are at risk when they are running towards the opposing teams line. They are running and gaining speed so that then they come in contact with the arms they are going to get hit. The child’s chest will be impacted and this could knock the child out and loss of breath. The children holding hands are also at risk because they are trying to prevent the child from getting through so they might end up with injured arms or even more sever, broken arms. These might be children’s games but they should not be put at risk. Making some changes to the game can better ensure that there are no injuries but the kids are still able to play.


                The setup is that the kids are on two teams, far apart. One change could be that the teams are closer together. This would prevent the children running a greater amount of time to build up speed and a large force when trying to break through the arm wall. To address the arm wall, kids could make their objective to get under the wall and not through it. This lessens the chance for any broken arms. If the child is able to get under the arm wall, they will be able to go back to their team and bring a teammate along.  These simple modifications will lessen the chance for bodily injures but still allow children to play and have fun. 


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