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Write a 900-word paper (3 pages) and submit a PDF Plagiarism Checker Report (available in the UOP Library). In the paper:

  1. Define the term "Humanities" and the term "Classical Humanism."
  2. Explain differences between the humanities and other modes of human inquiry such as mathematics and/or sciences
  3. List five present day examples, one from each of the following categories of the humanities and explain how each example you give reflects a current development in culture, politics, socioeconomics, or technology.
  4. Use Fiero Week 5 Chapers 37 and 38 as a resource for present day examples.
  5. Avoid general discussions of the humanities' branches and instead provide a specific present-day work of art and artist, a specific present-day piece of music and composer, a specific present-day building and architect, a specific present-day work of philosophy and philosopher, a specific present-day work of literature and author.
    • Art (1 present-day example)
    • Music (1 present-day example)
    • Architecture (1 present-day example)
    • Philosophy (1 present-day example)
    • Literature (1 present-day example)
  • To Create & Download a PDF Plagiarism Checker Report:
    • View the attached instructional PowerPoint "Retrive a PDF Plagiarism Checker Report." This PowerPoint will also be posted in the discussion area for the Week 1 Humanities Paper
    • Submit your PDF Plagiarism Checker Report in gradebook along with your paper.
  • Format your assignment according to appropriate course level APA guidelines.
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    • Writea 900-word paper (3 pages) and submit aPDFPlagiarism Checker Report(available in the UOP Library). In the paper:

      1. Define the term "Humanities" and the term "Classical …