Please answer the questions 2-3 pages APA Style


1.      Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Fiber Optic over wire


2.      Explain the maximum data rate (speed) of the following cables:

a.       CAT5

b.      CAT5e

c.       CAT6

d.      CAT6a

e.       CAT7

3.      Computers use electrical signals while Fiber Optic uses light to transfer data.  In order to use Fiber Optics, the electrical signals must be converted to light and back to electrical signals.  Explain in details the process of converting electrical signals to light and back to electrical in computer networks.

4.      THE IEEE 802.11 is the standard used for Wireless Networking.  Explain in details the IEEE 802.11a, b, g, and n type wireless standards.  Are these standards compatible with each other?

5.      Explain wireless Internet in details.  What is the maximum data rate for home wireless networking? 



6.      Explain the OSI, Internet, and TCP/IP layers and their roles.

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