Physics questions


1.     Cleo and Clare are looking from their balcony to a swimming pool below that is located 15 m horizontally from the bottom of their building.  They estimate the balcony is 45 m high and wonder how fast they would have to jump horizontally to succeed in reaching the pool.  What calculations would you show to help them determine the answer?  Evaluate the practicality of their being able to succeed at jumping into the pool?


1.     Leon’s bicycle wheels have a circumference of 2 m.  What is his linear speed when the wheels rotate at 1 revolution per second? Show all work leading to your answer?


Using 6400 km as the radius of Earth, calculate how high above Earth’s surface you would have to be in order to weigh 1/16th of your current weight.  Show all work leading to your answer OR describe your solution using 3 -4 complete sentences?


1.     The sun’s mass is about 2.7 x 107 times greater than the moon’s mass.  The sun is about 400 times farther from Earth than the moon.  How does the gravitational force exerted on Earth by the sun compare with the gravitational force exerted on Earth by the moon?


1.     At a particular point, a satellite in an elliptical orbit has a gravitational potential energy of 7000 MJ with respect to Earth’s surface and a kinetic energy of 4000 MJ.  At another point in its orbit, the satellite’s potential energy is 2000 MJ.  What is its kinetic energy at that point?  Show all calculations leading to your answer?


1.     A 2.0-gram bullet is shot into a tree stump.  It enters at a speed of 3.00 x 104 cm/s and comes to rest after having penetrated 0.05 m in to the stump.  What was the average force during the impact?  Show all calculations leading to an answer?


A beam of light and a baseball are both affected by gravity.  Why is the path of the baseball very different than the path of the light beam? Use 3 – 4 complete sentences in your explanation?

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