PHYSICS Multiple Choice Questions

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1) A 12 liter volume of oil is subjected to pressure which produces a volume strain of -3.0 × 10-4. The bulk modulus of the oil is 6.0 × 109 Pa and is independent of the pressure.
The reduction in the volume of the oil, in ml, is closest to:
A) 2.8
B) 2.4
C) 3.6
D) 3.2
E) 2.0

2) A mass attached to a very light spring executes simple harmonic motion. If you want to double its total energy, you should 8) ______
A) double the force constant of the spring while changing nothing else.
B) double both the mass and amplitude of vibration.
C) double the amplitude of vibration while changing nothing else.
D) double the mass while changing nothing else.
E) double both the amplitude and force constant.

3) A 4.0 g string, 0.36 m long, is under tension. The string produces a 500 Hz tone when it vibrates in the third harmonic. The speed of sound in air is 344 m/s. In this situation, the wavelength of the standing wave in the string, in SI units, is closest to:
A) 0.72
B) 0.90
C) 0.24
D) 0.36
E) 0.54

4) A string, 2.0 meters in length, is fixed at both ends and tightened until the wave speed is 18 m/s. What is the frequency of the standing wave?_
A) 27 Hz
B) 81 Hz
C) 110 Hz
D) 54 Hz

5) The density of material at the center of a neutron star is approximately 1.00 x 1018 kg/m3. Calculate the mass of a cube of this material that is 1.76 microns on each side. One micron is equal to 1 x 10-6 m. 21) ______
A) 6.70 kg
B) 5.45 kg
C) 4.74 kg
D) 6.16 kg

6) How much apparent mass would a 2.0 in x 2.0 in x 8.0 lead brick have if placed in oil with density of 0.93 g/cm3? (density of lead is 11.4 g/cm3) 22) ______
A) 0.34 kg
B) 6 kg
C) 0.49 kg
D) 5.5 kg

7) A 200.0 kg flat-bottomed boat floats in fresh water, which has a density of 1000.0 kg/m3. Assuming that the base of the boat is 1.42 m wide and 4.53 m long, how much of the boat is submerged when it carries three passengers whose total mass is 257 kg? 23) ______
A) 8.52 cm
B) 7.10 cm
C) 7.95 cm
D) 7.53 cm

8) A waitress fills your water glass with ice water (containing many ice cubes) such that the liquid water is perfectly level with the rim of the glass. As the ice melts, 25) ______
A) the liquid water level rises, causing water to run down the outside of the glass.
B) the liquid-water level remains flush with the rim of the glass.
C) the liquid-water level decreases.

9) A barge loaded with lumber and iron ore floats in a lock by a dam (a closed pool of water like a big swimming pool). If some of the cargo is thrown overboard, the level of water in the lock will 28) ______
A) rise, provided it is lumber that is thrown overboard.
B) rise, no matter what is thrown overboard.
C) stay the same, no matter what is thrown overboard.
D) rise, provided it is iron ore that is thrown overboard.
E) drop, provided it is iron ore that is thrown overboard.

10) The Bernoulli effect is described by the equation
P1 + 1/2ρv21 + ρgh1 = P2 + 1/2ρ + ρgh2
The origin of this relation is that it is a statement of 30) ______
A) Newton's Third Law, i.e. equal action and reaction.
B) the conservation of linear momentum.
C) the continuity principle for fluids.
D) the conservation of energy for a moving fluid.
E) F = ma as applied to a fluid.

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