PHYS 320 Week 6 iLab Experiment 8 Magnetic Induction

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8 questions @ 2 points each; 1 question @ 4 points each; and 2 questions @ 5 points each. 30 points total.




*Note: There are 2 parts to this worksheet.



Part 1


1.    Paste a photograph of your completed motor here. (4 points)




Part 1: Questions


2.    What orientation of the coil (vertical or horizontal) allows current to flow? What happens as you rotate the windings 180 degrees from this position? (2 points)



3.    Why did we remove the insulation from only one side of the axle tail in the set-up? What would happen if we removed all of the insulation from both ends? (2 points)



4.    What two items in the experiment could you change to easily increase or decrease the speed it rotates? Remember that the force on the windings is proportional to both the magnetic field strength and the current. (2 points)



5.    Why do you think the number of loops in the coil is important? How would the force on the loop change if there were fewer turns of wire? Remember that the force depends on the amount of charge moving in one direction. (2 points)



6.    Given the power available and the size of the coil, there is an ideal number of coil turns that make a motor that spins fast without being unstable. What problems do you think you would run into if you made a coil with 50 turns of wire using the same setup? (2 points)



7.    What happened when you connected the battery to the hand generator? Explain why. (2 points)



Part 2


8.    Paste your induced voltage-time graph here. (4 points)



9.    Record the areas under each peak in the table below. (4 points)





South pole

Positive peak


Negative peak


North pole

Positive peak


Negative peak



Part 2: Questions


10.  Is the incoming flux equal to the outgoing flux? Explain. (2 points)



11.  Why is the outgoing peak higher than the incoming peak? (2 points)



12.  Why are the peaks opposite in direction? (2 points)




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