Part Two: For the four to five double-spaced paper, the focus will be your positionality.  Of the writings on your positionality, I want you to an extract an issue or issues in which you have felt like the “other” or marginalized.  It should be based on the intersection of two or more of the following traits we have already discussed in class: race/ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexuality, religion or lack of it, immigration status, language/accent, phenotype, different ability, etc.  Example: I have discussed my situation of identifying as queer.  How has being Chicano/Native American, working-class, and not fitting into the desirable phenotype of the gay community affected my reality as a queer, brown cisgender man with working-class roots?  Create a research question based on your own intersectionality of your positionality.  Find two CREDIBLE sources and two POPULAR CULTURE sources as evidence to support the exploration of your research question.  

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