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Week 4 FINA DB response to classmates due Wednesday/Sunday 10.26.16/10.30.16):

Micki Lawson:   

Hello Class,


I plan to begin unit 5 by reading the requirements, including the objectives and the deliverable length. I will then read each question and break the project down question by question. Covering each portion with enough information to answer the question. I will begin by researching the topics through the internet and the AIU library. I will begin by searching how interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk, credit, commodity, and operational risks affect businesses. After conducting my research, I will break each category down into sections and cover the topic with adequate information to cover the topic. Each section should include the uncertainties, risks, and strategies to manage the risk. I will then move to the second question of unit five. I will research how companies measure risk. Then I will research the global financial risk, to find out more on the topic. I will be sure to read over my paper and include a conclusion at the end, being sure to understand the information that I have collected.


Randi Oliviero:

            Unit 5’s IP is on financial markets, financial risks, and risk management. The IP is a research paper; the body of the paper is 8-10 pages long. My first step to working on this IP is to look up and download unit 5’s lib guides. Next, I will read the lib guides and MUSE. I will then print out the pdf of the assignment to use as a reference while I work.  I will attend or watch the recording of the unit 5 live chat. If these school resources do not provide all the information I need I will search the web and YouTube for reliable information. I will use the following for a rough outline.

Title page



Financial Markets


Financial Risk

            -interest rate

            -foreign exchange




Risk Management





Reference page


DeeLynn Robinson-Hicks



Please describe the process you plan to use to conduct research, identify findings, and develop the Comprehensive Project due in Unit 5 and



            The skillsI have developed in my research methods has given me the ability to recognize risks and the relevant resources needed to identify and discuss in depth in my writing the unit topic.  The Muse is a very useful resource and has allowed me to understand the concept of the unit topic as well as, the live chat.  I will also use the recommended reading list provided by the instructor which really is a great resource and has help me feel more comfortable with using the AIU Library.  I generally use the same method with all my assignments, which starts with reading it, the instructions, delivery length and making sure to note any specific instructions.  The outline listed below is an example of how I would proceed with completing the Unit 5 IP assignment.


A brief outline indicating how I intend to organize the project deliverable.


Create a Running header


Title page


Abstract Page: (Paraphrase) Financial markets are the forums in which buyers and sellers of financial assets such as stocks and bonds, and commodities such as grains, oil and gold, meet. Because there are uncertainties of outcome, organizations must develop strategies to manage the risk associated with it. 



Introduction Page:  Will be pertaining to the assignment instructions;


 Identify the major business and financial risks such as interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk, credit, commodity, and operational risks.

How do organizations measure risk and what global initiatives exist in financial risk management?


I.  Define major business and financial risks


          a. Discuss interest rate risks


          b.  Discuss foreign exchange risks


          c.  Discuss credit risks


         d.  Discuss commodity risks


         e.  Discuss operational risks


II.    Define measured risks and discuss


         Discuss Global risks vs foreign exchange risks


             a.  Global liquidity


             b.  Global recession


            c.  Regulation policy risk


           d.  Major country/economy collapse




Reference page



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