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Project Topic Assignment should be in narrative form, double-spaced, approximately 125 to 150 words, although you can have some flexibility in the precise word count.  That would be roughly one-half to one page.  The assignment should not run more than two pages of content, but it should have a cover page and references page which would not figure into the page count.


For the Week 2 Topic Assignment I expect you to include at least two references, not counting the course textbook.  The references should appear on an APA-style References Page.



It is expected that the outline be submitted in a formal outline format as demonstrated below. Your outline should show enough detail to demonstrate that you have begun thinking about the organization of your paper and the research required into the topic. After your outline, please submit a listing of the sources you have already identified for your paper.

It is expected that the final version of your Course Project will be 7–10 pages in length, with 6–8 sources identified.

APA in-text citation is required in addition to listing all of your sources on a works cited page at the end of the document. Your grade will be affected if you do not cite or identify your sources correctly




Course Project must include the following sections in addition to a cover page and table of contents. It may also include other sections if you deem it necessary and appropriate.


  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Define the Challenges and Problems Associated With Your Topic
  4. Review of the Literature
  5. Challenges/Problems Analysis
  6. Recommend Solutions
  7. Implementation of Solutions
  8. Justification
  9. Summary and Conclusion
  10. Works Cited






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