Persuasive assay


Write a persuasive essay that urges readers to accept your viewpoint on an issue and to take action on that issue. The essay should use at least one credible source to support your persuasive stance.  APA formatted in-text citation(s) and a reference page are required for the source(s) too.

The essay should be a minimum of 3 paragraphs in length: introduction, body, and conclusion.  Include a clear thesis statement that is developed throughout your essay.

Your persuasive essay should have these elements:

• A thesis statement that clearly states your position

• Well-organized evidence that supports your argument, such as facts, examples, statistics, and personal experience

• Appeals to your audience’s logic, emotion, and ethics

• Persuasive language that is compelling and convincing

• A call to action that tells what you want your audience to do


• A concluding statement that follows from and supports your ideas

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