personal narrative essay


I want a five bodies paragraphs personal narrative essay 


the topic is my trip from the west to the east 



the outline 


the first paragraph (introduction) when I transfer to Pennsylvania  

I was studying in the west coast exactly Washington Seattle l didn't travel since I came to the us I was studying there in Seattle central college until I get accepted in cedar crest college in Pennsylvania 


the first body 

sayings good bye to my friends 

1-having big party 

2-go to different cities in WA to see frind and have fun 


the second paragraph 

the trip from Seattle WA to

 allentown PA by car

1-45 hours 

different views 

sleeping in motels 

2-caffeine all the time 

visit to many states and cities while traveling 


the last body 

the new life in PA

1-the weather (too hot )

2-finding apartment near to the college takes long time 

3 the great college cedar crest 

4-travel around the state ny Washington DC


the conclusion 


1-accpet the change and try to adapt to it 

2- look at the advantage of transferring instead of disadvantage


please read and be sure you can do it before making the hand shake I need it in 5 hours 


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