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Read case study titled “Shareholders with a Mission” that illustrates the growing influence of advocacy groups on corporate and government behavior. Though the agendas for these groups often reside at the extreme, even small organizations can have a powerful influence on corporate policies, especially when the groups focus on monitoring organizational compliance with government regulations and engage in subsequent whistle-blowing actions.

Focus your discussion on the following:

  • To what degree has the emergence of social media leveraged the power of these advocacy groups?
    • In the long run, is this a good thing or a bad thing (for consumers or the organizations being monitored)?
  • What are the ethical implications of this kind of chronic monitoring and whistle blowing?
  • Are there risks of more “false alarms” or imperfect or misleading information being shared globally?
  • Is the potential for “doing more harm than good” exponentially increased? Explain your response.

APA format, 300 words

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    • A Personal Framework for Ethics
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