Performance Management Plan

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Phone message:  Mary Lee Luther @ Sentimental Solar Panel returned Traci’s (Atwood & Allan Consulting) call reference to researching Performance Management Plan in the state of Texas.  The team will start to research on recommendations for the performance plan includes information below:


1.  Type of business – solar panel manufacturer

2.  What is the new location – they are expanding to Texas 

3.  Current location – Detroit, MI

4.  # of employees – 350 plus an additional 20% after Texas expansion

5.  Annual income – Net revenue of a - $25 million

6.  Current revenue growth – a – 3% revenue growth and expect to remain the same, at least for the 1st year, after expansion to Texas

7.  Current turnover - Based on historical data, current turnover rate is 12% expecting it to remain the same after the move to Texas


Make sure these issues are covered:  Address alignment of the performance management system to the organizational business strategy, address alignment of the performance management system to the organizational business strategy.  Address the organizational performance philosophy; address the function that job analyses will serve in the performance management plan, address methods used for appraising performance.  Include process for addressing performance issues, and address an approach for delivering effective performance feedback.


The performance plan recommendation is no more than 1,400 words in length, APA format, in-text citations, and references.

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    Performance Management Plan

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