Perform an analysis of Yahoo Inc.


Part A:

Perform an analysis of Yahoo Inc. Your analysis will draw on the latest Form 10K (as of December 2012). Your analysis can include information prior to December 2012 but should not draw on any information that you might come across that is post-December 2012. Bear in mind that as a strategic manager you do not have the benefit of foresight and hence your analysis must be confined to the period defined in the Form 10K as of the financial year ending December 2012 for this assignment.

Address the following in your analysis:

  1. What is Yahoo’s current strategic thrust? Explain how its strategy has changed over the last few years. Identify how the company has positioned itself in its sector and to support your assessment prepare a SWOT for the firm and show how its strategies have been defined by its strengths and weaknesses.

  2. As Yahoo operates a broad range of properties/businesses, assess and evaluate the firm’s structure and control system and discuss the rationale and appropriateness of these mechanisms to sustain profitability.

  3. Prepare an industry analysis and discuss how industry forces have shaped the firm’s strategies as well as its structure and control mechanisms.

  4. Evaluate and discuss Yahoo’s organizational/corporate culture. Based on your awareness of how the company operates, discuss whether the corporate structure fits the corporate culture.

  5. In conclusion, assess whether the company’s structure supports its business model and strategies.


    1-Porter 5 forces analysis


    2-SWOT analysis (make table)


    3-Vertical and horizontal analysis of income statement


    4-Competitive advantage


    5-Product differentiation


    6-Social and ethical responsibility


    7- Vertical and horizontal integration


    8- Abell's Model


    Part A should not exceed 10 pages in length, double spaced, Times Roman 12 pt. Page setup: 1 inch margin on the left and right.



    Part B:

    Write a brief report that demonstrates your active participation in the discussions and contributions to your personal journal. It should include examples of your postings on the activities, your thoughts and personal musings on the problems and issues introduced in the activities, and a summary of what you learned in this module.

    "Please use "document B" and write a 2 page summary and learning experience using that file as a reference. "



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