pc Hardware 3


1. What type of compression substitutes special characters for repeating patterns?
A. Lossy
D. Lossless
2. Two technicians are discussing DVD+R and DVD-R technologies. Technician A says you can use DVD-
5 media to record a movie. Technician B says you can use DVD-9 media to record a movie. Which of the
following statements is correct?
A. Only Technician B is correct.
B. Both technicians are correct.
C. Neither technician is correct.
D. Only Technician A is correct.
3. What sets the single-drive, master, or slave option of an IDE DVD-R/W drive?
A. The device driver
B. Windows
C. The system board
D. A jumper on the back
4. Which port are graphics cards commonly installed into on a PC?
D. FireWire/i.Link
5. In Windows Vista, the Volume Mixer utility enables the user to
A. mix multiple recorded inputs to separate tracks.
B. time the period for each decibel level.
C. set volume independently for each multimedia application on the system.
D. set a single sound level for the system.
6. To run multimedia applications, what is the minimum amount of memory needed on a PC?
A. 1 GB RAM, 256 MB graphics memory
B. 1 GB RAM, 512 KB graphics memory
C. 256 KB RAM, 256 KB graphics memory
D. 2 GB RAM, 1 GB graphics memory
7. To overcome the shortcomings of AGP in handling high graphics demand, which technology protocol is
A. Stochastic Interpolation
B. FTP Binary Transfer
C. PCI Express
D. Multipixel Acceleration
8. Which multimedia device can connect directly to the sound card?
A. Digital camera
B. Video projector
C. Internal CD-ROM device
D. Photo quality printer
9. The number 7.1 in a sound card specification indicates the
A. revision number for the firmware on the card.
B. position of the card on the motherboard.
C. mean-time-between-failure in hours for the card.
D. card supports eight speakers.
10. You want to add a CD drive to your PC. The box that the drive came in says "ATAPI CD-ROM."
What type of interface do you need to use for this drive?
11. Two technicians are talking about adding animated graphics to a Web site. Technician A says that you
use .png files to do this. Technician B says that you need to use .gif files for animation. Which of the
following statements is correct?
A. Only Technician A is correct.
B. Neither technician is correct.
C. Both technicians are correct.
D. Only Technician B is correct.
12. What determines the quality of the reproduction of music on a computer?
A. Frequency of sound
B. CD/DVD size
C. Number of samples
D. Size of the original song
13. Two technicians are discussing video sampling. Walter will use high-definition multimedia interface
(HDMI) to transmit audio uncompressed digital data. Ross will use HDMI to transmit video uncompressed
digital data. Who is using HDMI to correctly transmit data?
A. Both Walter and Ross
B. Neither Walter nor Ross
C. Walter only
D. Ross only
14. Images are transferred between a digital camera and a PC using what type of interface?
A. MPEG-1, Layer-3
15. Which type of DVD drive works most like a removable hard drive?
16. Which of the following is a sound card component?
A. USB connector
B. DVI connector
C. LPT connector
D. MIDI connector
17. MIDI files contain which of the following?
A. Digital samples of analog signals
B. Text information about how music is to be produced
C. Sound samples averaged among high-, low-, and mid-range signals
D. Small versions of WAV or MP3 files
18. Two types of video files used on a PC are
A. MPEG-2 and DivX.
B. QuickTime and MPEG-1, Layer-3.
C. MIDI and DirectX.
D. AVI and WAV.
19. One key software aspect of a multimedia-enabled CPU is its ability to
A. link to remote printers and scanners.
End of exam
B. display the previous version of any file.
C. date- and time-stamp graphics files.
D. process programming loops efficiently.
20. The HDMI interface provides high-speed transfer of
A. encoded analog signals.
B. high-definition video signals.
C. secure documentation.
D. uncompressed audio and video data.
1. The Energy Star logo indicates that a computer device doesn't consume more than _______ watts of
power during sleep mode.
A. 10
B. 30
C. 20
D. 40
2. When considering the purchase of a new power supply, what is the maximum ripple that the unit should
A. 7%
B. 2%
C. 1%
D. 10%
3. A line conditioner is not designed to handle which of these conditions?
A. Converting AC to DC power
B. Suppressing high voltage spikes
C. Bridging brownouts
D. Filtering incoming AC power
4. Taking voltage readings on the power supply while the computer system is operating, you use a
technique called
A. linear switching.
B. transient voltage suppression.
C. post processing.
D. back probing.
5. Two technicians are discussing how to measure the voltage outputs of a power supply. Technician A
says that the power supply must be connected to the system and turned on before voltage can be
measured. Technician B says that the voltage must be measured using back probing. Which of the
following statements is correct?
A. Neither technician is correct.
B. Only Technician B is correct.
C. Only Technician A is correct.
D. Both technicians are correct.
6. You'll most likely find a 20-pin power supply connector on which of the following computer systems?
7. Why are P8 and P9 connectors keyed a certain way?
A. So they'll fit correctly into an 8-bit or 16-bit slot
B. So they can be connected only one way
C. So they don't accidentally come loose
D. So you can distinguish them from other connectors
8. Which fire extinguisher type would be best suited to extinguish a pile of burning newspapers?
A. Class D
B. Class B
C. Class C
D. Class A
9. What is one possible result of adding a secondary fan to a power supply?
A. Surge suppression
B. Overheating
C. Line stuttering
D. High line resistance
10. In addition to protecting against power spikes, a surge suppressor should also provide
A. radio line interference.
B. DC conversion.
C. data line protection.
D. diagnostic capabilities.
11. When the multimeter selection is on Ω, what are you measuring?
A. Voltage
B. Continuity
C. Amperage
D. Resistance
12. A computer problem resulting from a bad power supply might be identified by POST through a
A. parity error message.
B. DEBUG message.
C. single beep and no error message.
D. continuous beep or 02X message.
13. A technician has a multimeter wired in series as part of the circuit. What is the technician trying to
A. Current
B. Voltage
C. Watts
D. Power consumption
14. A system that reboots without explanation during normal operation is an indication of which of the
A. The computer is receiving AC power
B. The keyboard and mouse ports are compromised
C. The power supply is bad
D. The power supply is the wrong type for the particular PC
15. Microelectronic parts in a computer operate on
A. low-voltage alternating current.
B. high-voltage direct current.
C. +120 volts AC power.
D. low-voltage direct current.
16. Technician A says when the power supply fan isn't working or when the computer system reboots
without explanation, the power supply may be bad. Technician B says when the computer has brief
brownouts that reset the system or overheats, the power supply may be bad. Who is correct?
A. Both technicians are correct.
B. Neither technician is correct.
C. Only technician B is correct.
D. Only technician A is correct.
17. Two technicians are discussing the distortion that appears sporadically on a monitor. Technician A
thinks it's a bad video driver. Technician B wants to test the system on a different electrical circuit. Which
of the following statements is correct?
A. Both technicians are correct.
B. Only Technician B is correct.
C. Only Technician A is correct.
D. Neither technician is correct.
18. The power-good signal from the power supply prevents the computer from
A. accepting current from the rechargeable battery on the motherboard.
B. being damaged by electrical brownouts.
C. being damaged by static electricity.
D. accepting current that could damage the system.
End of exam
19. A technician needs to isolate an intermittent ground in a computer system. What color wire does the
technician need to look for?
A. Black
B. Orange
C. Red
D. Green
20. What does a 20 Ω marking on a device indicate?
A. The power consumption
B. The electrical potential
C. The maximum current
D. The resistance to current flow
1. What precaution should be observed when the multimeter isn't being used?
A. The selector switch should be in the hFE position.
B. The selector switch should be in the OFF position.
C. The test leads should be shorted together.
D. The selector switch should be placed in the ohms position.
2. If the function/range switch is set at 200 ACV, what will the multimeter read if a measurement is made
directly across both terminals of a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker in a 120 ACV line?
A. 0 ACV
B. 200 ACV
C. 120 DCV
D. 120 ACV
3. Determine the current in a circuit consisting of a 1000-ohm resistor with a voltage of 50 volts DC
across it.
A. 50 A
B. 20 A
C. 50 mA
D. 20 mA
4. When using an ammeter, why do you place it in parallel with the circuit?
A. To save source battery power
B. To ensure the greatest accuracy
C. So that current flows correctly through the meter
D. You should never place an ammeter in parallel with the circuit, only series.
5. To measure EMF, you would use a(n)
A. hFE plug.
B. voltmeter.
C. ammeter.
D. ohmmeter.
6. Calculate the resistance of a circuit that draws 10 amps at a voltage of 120 volts.
A. 12
B. 120
C. 1.2
D. 1200
7. What is the primary reason not to work on electrical equipment in a damp area?
A. Tools and parts can get slippery.
B. Humidity will give false readings on multimeters.
C. Dampness can cause parts to rust.
D. Wet skin is less resistant to shock.
8. When an AC voltage is being measured across a 15-ohm resistor which is carrying a current of 12 amps,
the selector switch should be set to the AC voltage position of _______ volts.
A. 1000
B. 2
C. 20
D. 200
9. If the function/range switch is set at 200 ACV, what will the multimeter read if a measurement is made
directly across both terminals of a good fuse or circuit breaker in a 120 ACV line?
A. 200 ACV
B. 120 DCV
C. 0 ACV
D. 120 ACV
10. If an appliance is plugged in but the switch is OFF, the electrician should always consider the
appliance as
A. ungrounded.
B. safe.
C. de-energized.
D. hazardous.
11. Calculate the power (P) in watts dissipated by a resistor of 1000 ohms with 200 volts across it.
A. .2 watts
B. 40 watts
C. 20 watts
D. 400 watts
12. When working with electricity, the electrician should make a practice of
A. regarding electricity with fear.
B. working with his or her left hand in a pocket.
C. assuming that the circuit is OFF.
D. working on live equipment only.
13. Assume a device draws 50 mA of current and 150 VDC across it. What is its resistance?
A. 7.5 k
B. 3000
C. 7.5
D. .3 k
14. The main reason that you should avoid bodily contact with ground while working on live electrical
equipment is that such contact will
A. damage the measuring instrument.
B. result in an electric shock.
C. cause a fuse to blow.
D. impair the accuracy of the measurement.
15. To measure an unknown line voltage at an electrical outlet, set the function/range switch to
A. the highest ohm range and insert the test leads in the outlet.
B. 10 ADC and place the red test lead in the 10-amp jack. Insert the test leads in the outlet.
C. 750 volts ACV and insert the test leads in the outlet.
D. 1000 volts DCV and insert the test leads in the outlet. Observe the polarity.
16. When testing AC voltage, you would place the
A. positive lead into the larger neutral slot.
B. positive lead in the circular hole.
C. negative lead into the smaller neutral slot.
D. negative lead into the larger neutral slot.
17. The common jack on the front panel is used for
A. all functions using test leads.
B. line voltage measurements only.
C. current measurements only.
D. resistance measurements only.
18. Assume that the function/range switch is on the 20 k.... position and the multimeter displays "1" when
the test leads are across an unknown resistor. What would most likely cause the meter to display "1" ?
A. The function/range switch not set on a high enough scale
B. A faulty ON/OFF switch
C. A weak battery
D. Shorted test leads
19. When checking a resistive element coil for continuity, the selector switch should be set to the
A. ohms position.
B. lowest DC volts range, then to a higher range until an accurate reading is obtained.
End of exam
C. AC volts position.
D. DC amps position.
20. Why must you exercise caution when working with capacitors?
A. Shorting them can damage the motherboard.
B. The wrong setting can affect the power supply
C. They store power that can discharge even when unplugged.
D. The filaments are fragile and easily broken.

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