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the country is Rwanda‼️‼️‼️


will summarize the burden of a particular infectious disease or a group of the most important infectious diseases in your country, the people most affected by this disease or diseases, key risk factors, the economic and social costs of the disease(s), and what might be done to address the disease(s) in cost-effective ways.




Each paper should be NO MORE than four pages long (not including works cited page), double- spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font. It must not be longer than that or I will not read or grade it. The paper should have no typos and no grammatical errors.



  1. Each paper must begin with this “one paragraph tells all summary.”



    The paper should answer the following questions:

    •   What is the nature and magnitude of the problem?

    •   Who is affected by it?

    •   What are the risk factors for the problem?

    •   What are the economic and social consequences of the problem?

    •   What few priority steps do you recommend be taken to address the problem and what is

      your rationale for these recommendations? 

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