Pathophysiology week 6 discussion question 1 & 2

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Assignment 1: Acidosis

A 42-year-old female presents with metabolic acidosis from starvation.

1. What might be her symptoms in metabolic acidosis?

2. How would her pH, carbon dioxide, and bicarbonate levels be upon presentation if no compensation has occurred?

3. What other conditions may cause metabolic acidosis?


Assignment 2: Urinary Disorders

1.      Discuss possible factors that may have been responsible for the development of the stone and use this case to show how the patient's diet and water intake can help analyze the composition of the calculi.

2.      What would be the test results of his white blood cells, blood calcium levels, CT scan, and x-ray?

3.       Suggest the best treatment for the patient and a plan to prevent recurrence post-treatment.




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    Pathophysiology week 6 discussion question 1 & 2 solution

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