'Participation Report'


Organizing the Information

Prepare a report which includes the italicized words below as internal section headings in the report. Underneath each heading, provide the requested information. Submit the report at the Dropbox by the deadline listed on the Course Calendar.

Level of Participation

How many of the 10 POP surveys did you take?

Count the number of messages you posted in each POP discussion & list the numbers by forum—like so:

POP 1—5 messages

POP 2—4 messages

POP 3—7 messages and so on.

When you posted multiple messages were they usually spread throughout the week or did you mostly post them on the same day?

How often during a 7 day period did you generally read discussion messages?

How would you compare your level of participation with that of others in the class? How active were you?


Describe your interaction with others by addressing these questions:

Did you engage in back-and-forth discussion with others? Did others respond to things you said? Did you respond to things said by others?

Did you challenge points made by other students? Did other students challenge your points? Where there were disagreements, was the tone respectful?

Did you make references to the textbook? Did you post links to relevant websites? Did you refer to relevant current events or historical events?

Were you comfortable participating in discussion this semester? Explain your answer.

Overall, how would you describe your interaction with others at the discussion board? Do you think you made valuable contributions to discussion?

Peer Participation

Which students in the class do you think made the most important contributions to discussions this semester? What made their contributions important? Were there particular students whose messages you looked forward to reading? Explain. Were there any you dreaded reading? Explain.


What did the discussions contribute to the course? What did you learn from your participation in them?  

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