participation point questions

  • What are the steps in the planning process? Which step is the most crucial? Why?



  • What are three factors that affect the planning process? How do these factors affect the planning process?




The win-win mentality.  Government has enacted a number of strict environmental laws that can be perceived as to hamper business or engage businesses to change some of its processes.  One of your articles discusses Green Mountain's approach, another might be Starbucks.  The article about McDonald's shows how it is changing its product to appeal to a broader audience.  I like to think of environmental laws as seatbelts, you may never need it, but it does not hurt.  If you do need it, it will save your life, plus the effort is minimal.  Environmental change only takes small changes to make a big difference.  What are some of the efforts your company has initiated or you yourself have tried? 


I know that Disney recycles all of the food that is disposed by giving to local pig farmers.  A novel idea, don't you think?



  • What are the four functions of management? What do the four functions of management have in common? How do managers at different levels apply the four functions of management?



  • What is the purpose of environmental scanning? List internal and external environmental factors. How do internal and external factors affect the four functions of management?



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