Part 9 need help

profileNoha Aldossary

I have one part I did not complaet it is very short

and only one page

the reason I need help becuase I have to study


and i need someone to help me with this part please


In the attchement you will see Part 9 the one I need help with it

and please contact me so I email you to give you information about part 1-8 so you can

solve part 9 the company is 3M


Part 9 is :


a.    In no more than one page, in bullet point fashion:

·      State whether, based strictly on the valuation models used in the course project, your company’s equity is over-valued, under-valued or properly-valued.

·      Provide your company’s current stock price compared to the intrinsic value based on the models you have used.

·      Provide at least three reasons why you consider your company’s stock price to be either over-valued, under-valued, or properly valued.


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