part 1 due today/ part 2 due sept 4


Part I King's "Letter from Birmingham City Jail"


As we discuss King's famous essay "Letter from Birmingham City Jail" you will find it difficult to find any single thesis statement, but you should be able to "nutshell" what King's major ideas are. In less than 100 words, describe what you believe to be King's overall goal for this essay.  Do not assume this is a simple "he wants justice..." sort of answer. I want it to be specific. Also, do not use quotes from the essay. I want to see how you will explain this essay.

Finally, ask 2 questions about this essay for your peers to consider. 

Part II King's "Letter from Birmingham City Jail"
    • Due Thursday by 9pm
    • Points 40
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This essay can be found in 75 Readings on page 366.


Reading Assessment Profile: Each at 40 points

Each student will complete the Reading Assessment Profile:  ReadingAssessment.docxPreview the documentView in a new window.

Download this attachment and save it to your computer. Use this form for all 10 essays. 

For each rhetorical element, you will want to find a quote or example from the text, as well as discuss your reasons for selecting that as an example. 

For the thesis, I would like two things: I want your understanding of the essay’s main idea and THEN I want you to include what you believe to be the precise thesis. Type out the thesis and include the page number in parenthesis.

Please write the author’s major conclusions in your own words.

For all other elements,  I am expecting quotes (followed by their page numbers in parenthesis) and a brief discussion of why this quote was selected.

Don’t forget you must write a 100-200 word summary of the essay and include it, along with questions for the author (if you could literally meet him or her) and a short, but important personal response of 100 words.

When writing your summary, be sure to follow the conventions of summary as explained in "How to Write a Summary"  GET THE LINK!

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