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i have two questions answers, and i want to paraphrase the two questions answers. check it below.



1. After you identify your personality type, read the corresponding personality portrait. How well or how poorly does the identified personality type fit?

This personality test worked fairly well for me. I definitely have a slight preference of extraversion. I would definitely hang out with friends, than stay home alone. I couldn't give my self a great answer regarding intuition versus sensing; although, I think i lean toward sensing rather than intuition. It was a wash at 50 percent, though. I do have a distinct preference to think situations through, rather than act on my feelings. The last one regarding judging and perceiving is probably correct too. 


2. Ask a good friend or relative which personality type best desribes you.

I asked my brother what personality type best fit me and he came up with an ESTP. He thought I was more inclined to be percieving due to my spontanaeity and willingness to just "wing it" as I always say. He also thought that I was more inclinded to sensing than intuition which I agreed with. 


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