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Khan, S. A.  & Varshney, D.  (2013). Transformational Leadership in Saudi Cultural Context: Prospects and Challenges (Chapter of the Book: Cultural and Gender in Leadership)

Read the paper carefully and answer the following questions given below. Your answers must be comprehensive and well supported by OB learning on leadership.

Important: There is no right or wrong answer, the objective of this assignment is to evaluate your understanding of Leadership/OB issues and its underpinning in terms of its thematic prescription. You can support and reject the argument raised by the author by citing relevant references and anecdotes.

Answer these Questions.

1. Comment on the merit of the paper which is discussing the transformational leadership in Saudi cultural context.


2. Do you think (based on the argument raised in the paper) a distinct leadership framework which is culturally relevant for Saudi Arabia can be advocated? If yes, how and why? Substantiate your answer with argument propounded based on OB knowledge and scholarship derived from the course in this regard.  (600-700 Words).

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