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The inspiration for this course is the CNBC show The Big Idea, which features people whose inventions and ideas have changed the business world and everyday life. Anyone can come up with a life-changing idea: a housewife who realizes that disposable diapers are clogging landfills and invents a cover for cloth diapers, a mother who creates the “rapid prompting method” to communicate with her autistic son, and a young man with cerebral palsy who pitches a travel show for the “differently abled.” All of these ideas emerged out of the creator’s desire to fulfill a need that was not being met. In this course, you will be forming your own “big idea” and deciding how best to communicate that idea and persuade others of its significance. Your “big idea” might provide a solution to a problem, fulfill a need, or advocate change.

To begin this process, think of a problem that needs to be addressed, preferably one relevant to your own experience and community. Do you have any “big ideas” for addressing this problem? This problem could be tied to your field of study or it could be something with more personal implications.

should be about 200-250 words,

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