Your first written assignment is a HISTORICAL TOPICS paper.  This is a short 3-5 page paper where you present YOUR opinion about a historical topic related to this course and then use primary and secondary sources to help prove your primary thesis.  In the attached document you will find a list of approved topics that you may select from and some guidance as to how to begin thinking about your paper.

This assignment is designed to assess your critical thinking and writing skills using historical methods and documentation.  This assignment is worth 100 points possible. You will be graded on:

Formatting (5%) - Neatly typed paper including a cover page with a title and your name.

Analysis and Tone (15%) - Does your paper length adequately address your topic? Does your paper include a well informed and clearly written thesis statement? Is the language and tone of the writing professional and academic?

Content (35%) - Does your paper provide relevant and legitimate information that supports the argument you are trying to make? Does the reader gain new insights from the materials you present to support your thesis?

Research and Documentation - (15%) - Do you skillfully incorporate at least 3 primary and 2 secondary sources into your paper to support the thesis statement? Do you properly use Chicago or Turabian Style (included as an attachment below) to cite your sources? Do you include a References page at the end of your paper?

Organization and Style (15%) - Is your paper organized where one idea flows smoothly to the next idea without jumping back and forth? Do you provide a concise introduction and solid conclusion? Can the reader follow your line of reasoning?

Grammar and Spelling (15%) - Is your paper essentially free of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors?

You must submit your papers in MICROSOFT WORD.  Make sure your papers are double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman or Arial fonts only.  Please make sure to include a cover page and reference page.

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