1: Choose a particular stage of child development from: First Year of Life, Second and Third Year of Life, Three to Six Years, Middle Childhood and finally, Adolescence. Using the Karpov textbook and two professional research articles, write a 7-9 page paper, describe and explain one particular stage of child development in detail. Include in your discussion, numerous quotes from the Karpov text. Also include in your essay, your commentary and opinions. Also find application to either a particular child that you know, the world of teaching or create a situation that mirrors that particular stage in child development. Option 2: Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development Using the Smith et al textbook and two professional journal research articles, write a 7-9 page paper, describe Piaget's theory and discuss application to education and teaching. Critically discuss Piaget and use the text and 2 journal articles for your paper. Your papers should be heavily ladden with quotes and critical thinking. I want to see that you used your journal articles to support your paper. Also include any real life teaching/educational experiences that you might think are applicable for your papers. You can choose any options



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