This week you will describe the training evaluation that you will use to prove and determine your program's effectiveness. You can find some sample evaluation methods in doc-sharing but these are simply generic samples - you MUST make them tailored to your project to get full credit.  State the method of evaluation you are planning to use for your project and support that choice using research and applying to your project goals. Present the evaluation design. Provide a hypothetical evaluation to show how the evaluation process would work for your program and include the evaluation instrument in your appendix. Anticipated length of body of this assignment: 3-4 pages. Include at least 4 outside references in this portion of your paper, and properly cite them using APA formatting.

Grading for this:
APA formatting and references - 10 points
State and support method of evaluation: 10 points
Evaluation design provided, explained, and tailored to your project: 15 points
Hypothetical evaluation provided - 5 points
Evaluation instrument in Appendix - 10 points

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