Please find attched paper and answer the following Qs based on the book linked below.

The paper should be 4 pages long. Please make it simple and keep the words level basic because I am an international student.


Step 1: Explain Philip Hallie’s concept of institutionalized cruelty, as he outlines it in the essay From Cruelty to Goodness, taking special care to explain how we can distinguish this from episodic cruelty.  Also be sure to discuss and explain what Hallie means by suggesting that hospitality is the opposite of cruelty, the antidote to it, so to speak.  Use quotes from Hallie’s text to support your reading of his ideas. 




Step 2: Apply this analysis of cruelty to the question of using Native American names and images for the mascots of college and professional sports teams.  Consider in this regard such team names as the Washington Redskins, the Atlanta Braves, or the Southeastern Oklahoma State University Savages; I am also thinking of images such as the grinning face on the caps of the Cleveland Indians, or the pony-riding mascot of the Florida State Seminoles.  If you want more information on this particular issue, go to for links to many pages of discussion.

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