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This assignment has two sections:


  • Section I: Initial audit of your portfolio
  • Section II: Research on website portfolios

Section I

Next week, you will conduct a full and formal audit of your career portfolio. For now, however, you need to get started on that process. For this assignment, fill and post a copy of the Portfolio Audit Form .


In the comments column, talk about what items might be added or taken away from the proposed pieces. You should also talk about what format might be best for each portfolio (website, CD, etc.). Use this form to create your portfolio for the audit next week.


Section II

These days, employers prefer electronic portfolios. Using the Internet, research the issue of web page design and website portfolios. Post a review of the proper attributes of a professional electronic portfolio. Include in your review important design criteria that create a positive message and experience for the reader. In addition, include design criteria that should be avoided. Discuss issues such as layouts, fonts, color, white space, tone, images, and animation.

You will use this research again.


Refer to the Website Portfolio category in the Webliography to explore some sites to begin your research.


Create your review in a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document.


Support your answers with appropriate research and examples.


Cite all sources in APA format.

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