According to John Orlando, ‘’features intrinsic to the worker/manager/shareholder relationship. The focus of the most business ethics literature. Will not help to resolve the issue of the morality of an act of downsizing. Business managers will need to examine the actual situations of their shareholders and workers, as well as that of the company, in order to ascertain if a decision to downsize is morally permissible.’’(309)

Of the ‘’features intrinsic to the worker/manager/shareholder relationship’’ Orlando considers (297-306). Which one (1) do you think is the best argument for permitting downsizing? Do you think Orlando’s response against that consideration is sufficient to discredit it? Why or Why not?

This assignment must be typed, double spaced. It is not a very formal paper however, so any accepted format is Ok. I expect about 3-4 paragraph, 1 and half page. 

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