Organizational Communication

The form of speech presentation that involves organizing, preparing notes, and rehearsing is called:

In addition to preparing the audience to receive the message, the introduction of a speech also should:



Since the presenter usually cannot see the audience when delivering a virtual presentation, how can he or she keep their attention and get feedback easily?


Which of the following is the most important feature(s) of body language?

Business uses virtual presentations for the following reason.

How pitch, speed, and volume blend together is known as vocal__________.

Mark the statement that is not one of the Ten Commandments of Good Listening.



Written Responses:

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1.Much of the oral communication that goes on in business is the informal, person-to-person communication that occurs whenever people get together. Analyze and explain how the elements of good talking help us to communicate better?


2. Understanding the differences between virtual and face-to-face presentations is certainly becoming more important as business needs grow. Assess and explain the principal differences between face-to-face and virtual presentations. As an attendee or class participant, is seeing and interacting with the presenter of critical importance to you. Why or why not?

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