OPS/571 Operations Management WEEK 1 DQ

Watch the video at http://youtu.be/bl5cyZlay4k. Explain what core competencies are and how they contribute to competitive advantage.


Watch the videos at http://youtu.be/UDXngerDmWQ and http://youtu.be/0VR7iBImDB4. Be careful with the first video as the presenter is a little snarky, but makes some excellent points.

 What is a process in your organization or an organization you know that has a process needing improvement. How could you map the process using a flowchart and look at alternatives to improve the process? Does the process map help uncover ideas and make you think about where to change the process to improve it? Explain.

    • Posted: 4 years ago
    OPS/571 Operations Management WEEK 1 DQ

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