Operations Research-Deterministic Techniques


1. Use AMPL to solve the previous homework problems: (You need to print and turn in the model file, data file, the output of AMPL (screen shot) and answer SEPARATELY what is the optimal solution and optimal value.) 4.4-5(c) In this question, you can just use model file without data file. 3.4-11(b), 3.4-15(b), 3.4-16(b) In these questions, you need to use BOTH model file and data file. For example, in 3.4-16, “wage rate” and “maximum hours of availability” need to be put in the data file.


2. Do the following questions of the textbook (Hillier and Lieberman, ninth edition) Page 192: 5.3-2, Page 261-266: 6.1-5, 6.1-7, 6.7-9, 6.7-10 (Correction: for problem 6.1-7, the right hand side value of the second constraint is “−10”.) (For problem with the questions “solve the problem automatically” or marked as “C”, use AMPL to solve it. ) (In problem 6.7-9 and 6.7-10, you don’t need to use graphically to interpret the changes. The questions are changed to “use 

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