Operations Mgmt 2 page paper


Write a Two Page paper on forecasting using quantitative and qualitative techniques and procedures that are most appropriate for a scenario of your choice.


Select one qualitative and one quantitative method and provide a scenario of when and how these methods would be used. Critically evaluate the merits and shortcomings of techniques and procedures.


You should provide adequate definitions, explain the pros and cons of your chosen methods, assess the validity of each approach, and discuss the role of each method.


This assignment is designed to help you become familiar with the different qualitative and quantitative approaches to forecasting as well as how to write a paper.


This paper is to be submitted using APA style in the following format:


    * Introduction (or “Statement of the Problem”)

    * Analysis (or “Research Findings”)

    * Conclusions (“or what I think should be done based upon my research”)

    * Bibliography (“Sources of the research”)


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