Operating Systems Project 2

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ITCS105 Linux® Operating Systems Project 2 - Case Project This assignment supports the following course outcomes: Execute Linux commands. Use command-line editing to create, view, edit, and manipulate files. Manage processes using system administration utilities. Evaluate how knowledge, skills, and attitudes learned in this course apply to your chosen career. Assignment Overview This assignment is a case project that will enable you to put to work what you have learned in this course to apply Linux solutions to specific issues. For this assignment, place yourself in the shoes of a newly hired computer support specialist. Outdoor Adventures is working to make its Linux computing environment more productive through the use of new applications. As part of this effort, you have been assigned several tasks. The tasks are as follows: Set up a directory structure Set up file security Create a customer file Create a guide to common Linux commands Create a summary guide explaining how the knowledge, skills and attitudes learned in this course apply to your chosen career. See the “Deliverables” section below for more specific details on these requirements. Company Background A company, Outdoor Adventures, manufactures backpacks sold in sporting goods, mountaineering, and outdoor equipment stores. Their entire environment is Linux-based – including both workstations and servers. You are a newly hired computer specialist at Outdoor Adventures, and you have been given several tasks to complete as part of your new position. Although most users in the company use the command line interface, you are free to use either the CLI or the GUI to complete your required tasks. Deliverables Upon completion of this case project, you will submit a *single* Word document that contains written instructions/explanations with accompanying screen shots. Create a directory structure for a new accountant that is organized to house the following items (Note: You only need to...

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