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CPSC 503 Operating Systems Fall 2014 Project 1: Multi-Level Feedback Queue Scheduler Objectives: 1. Understand CPU scheduler 2. Implement an algorithm 3. Empirical analysis of an algorithm 4. Gain experience with an industry standard OS Due: Tuesday, October 21, 2014. 11:59:59 PM (EST) These will be individual projects. The main purpose of this Lab assignment, i.e. LAB1, is to understand and implement a Multi-level feedback queue CPU scheduler. For Project 1, you may choose any programming language, such as .NET, Visual C++, Java, C, etc. The students are encouraged to choose the programming language that supports GUI, and runs on Windows. Also, the other OS that support GUI desktop, e.g. Gnome and KDE for Linux, are possible. Finally, your final program should be compiled and run on GA’s computer. To do that, you need to provide all materials as well as source code, such as run time module, integrated development environment (Visual Studio, .NET or C#), and any other program to run your program. You are to implement a multi-level feedback queue scheduler Q. Your implementation of Q should satisfy the following requirements: • The scheduler Q consists of 3 linear queues, i.e., Q0, Q1, and Q2. -Q0 is round robin with time quantum 8 (RR8), -Q1 is round robin with time quantum 16 (RR16), and -Q2 is FCFS. • Process cannot be executed in the lower queue if there are any jobs in all higher queues. For example, Q0 has 5 processes, Q1 has 1 process, and Q2 has 1 process. Then, first the process in Q0 should be executed (and completed), and then a process in Q1 is executed. Finally, Q2 will get CPU resource. • A new process enters queue Q0 which is served RR8. • When it gains CPU, a process receives 8 milliseconds. • If it does not finish in 8 milliseconds, process is moved to queue Q1. • At Q1 process is again served RR16 and receives 16 additional milliseconds. • If it still does not complete, it is preempted and moved to queue Q2. • The processes are to be created with...

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