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Experimental procedure

      i.         The pressure transducer that was used to measure the differential pressure across the orifice plate was installed.

     ii.         Another differential transducer to measure pressure loss across ¾ steel pipe and 1 PVC were installed.

   iii.         The blue metering barrel was placed on the platform scale next to the pump ensuring that the discharge pipe was turned so that it discharged back into the supply barrel from which the pump was drawing.

   iv.         The supply barrel was filled with water.

     v.         Weight measurement of the empty metering barrel with the sump pump, with the liquid level at the pump shut-off point was made.

   vi.         Proper orifice plate was installed in the pipe flow loop.

  vii.         The pump was turned on with the flow control valve fully opened and with the return discharging into the supply barrel. This valve was closed slowly to obtain different flows through the loop.

viii.         To measure an actual flow through the loop for each valve setting, the flow return was quickly turned into the metering barrel.

    ix.         The actual flow measurement was made using a scale and a stopwatch.

     x.         The metering barrel was emptied back into the supply barrel by using the sump pump which remained in the metering barrel.

    xi.         Readings from the Rotameter, the Turbine flowmeter, the Orifice plate flowmeter ad the pipe loss pressure transducers, that is, the specified flow loss stations, at each flow setting.

  xii.         The pump was run till the water level in the metering barrel was within 6 from the top.

 xiii.         The discharge was turned back into the supply barrel and the elapsed time was noted.

 xiv.         The metering barrel was weighed, with water and sump pump, and the initial weight subtracted and was then divided by the time to find flow rate.

  xv.         The water from the metering barrel was emptied and re-weighed.

 xvi.         The above steps were repeated till the readings for the specified pressure drop stations including the flowmeters for five flow settings, up to the maximum flow which can be achieved in the loop were obtained.

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