Okay I just can not seem to depend on anyone right at this point


This is all I need and if you do not want to do it please just do not even answer or offer to do it PLEASE I am losing my Faith in everyone I need week 7 Introductioon to System Information NO ESSAY nothing but the assignment called ON YOUR OWN,,I need it done by 9 hours if you will do it ,,,it is not anything hard I just do not have the time,,,,I have surgery I just need someone to please if you say you will do it just do it for me,,do not keep putting me off,,,I am a good Customer I pay on time I do not ever make bad reviews to any of you just do not say you will do it if you do not want to do it please, it will probably take you 45 mins to do this hey 15 for one hour .... will give rest of the details to the one i assign the work

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