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Project Milestone 4—Network Requirements 3

Submission: Network Requirements 3 due by end of Week 5


  • Please use the Network Requirements 3/Milestone 4 page of the project submission template, and save it as a Word document file calledMIS589_Lastname_Firstname_Project.docx.
  • Milestone 4/Network Requirements 3 is due by end of Week 5. 
  • Please submit the entire project document (including all milestones completed so far) in the Dropbox for Week 5.

I. Network Requirements 3 Guidance

1. Role of WAN

Explain why you need WAN connectivity for your network. Is it because you need to connect geographically dispersed branches and clients? Do you need WAN connectivity to an Internet service provider? If your clients are geographically separated, would they need WAN connectivity to access your service? What kind of traffic do you expect to pass through each of these WAN links? What are some of the WAN options that are possible for your network? Explain what will be your choice for WAN services? Find out examples of some of the WAN service providers who can provide the required WAN service for your network.

2.Role of the Internet

Explain the role of Internet in your network? If you choose to use private WAN service instead of the public Internet for your service, explain about your decision to do so. Explain the pros and cons of using Internet to send and receive business and client data.

II. Grading Rubric: Milestone 4—Network Requirements 3 (60 points)

Summary of WAN and Internet requirements for the proposed network (max 200 words) (5 points)

  1. Role of WAN: 2.a: Need for WAN connectivity (10 points); 2.b: traffic through the WAN (5 points); 2.c: possible WAN options (5 points); 2.d: explain your choice for WAN service (10 points)
  2. Role of the Internet: 3.a: role of Internet in your network (10 points); 3.b pro and cons of using Internet in business (10 points)

Quality work, editing, and clear language (5 points)

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    network 3

    I. Network Security and Management Activities

    1. Identifying Threats

    Create a sample inventory of five main information assets in the company. Please follow the example in Figure 11-4 in the textbook. …

  • Project Milestone 3: Network Requirements 2

    Submission: Network Requirements2 due by end of Week 4