networking 2


After the successful opening of the new office, Jan and Kim have asked that you return to plan and to implement phase 2 of their plan. You are familiar with their existing network setup. They have budgeted for a large expansion to their network using static IP addresses. They will be purchasing the following:

  • 3 additional servers
  • 24 more workstations
  • 3 more printers



After brainstorming together with your team, do the following:

  • Prepare a 2–3-page diagram showing the necessary locations for wired connections throughout the office. Illustrate the following:
    • the server installation process
    • changes to the existing server
    • the IP addressing subnetting scheme and how it changed from phase 1 of the project
    • a minimum of 8 screenshots with detailed explanations
  • There previous setup is here
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