NETW 585 Course Project Topic: A wireless LAN for a 100-employee law firm situated in a two-story office building

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NETW 585 Network Design and Management - DeVry


NETW 585 Week 1 Course Project; Topic Choice
The first paragraph should explain why you chose the topic, what your approach will be, and what you hope to learn. The second paragraph should list some assumptions and requirements that you will use over and above what has been provided in the topic scenarios. 
NETW 585 Week 3 Course Project; First Draft
The evaluation is based on the depth and quality of your work and demonstrated progress towards completion of each of the three requested sections – Project Scope, Project Goal, and Design Requirements. Each section should demonstrate "almost there" depth of content, as the completeness of these three sections is important as you move forward with the remainder of your Network Design plan.
NETW 585 Week 7 Course Project; Final Network Design Plan
FINAL Network Design project will be evaluated upon its submission in Week 7

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    NETW 585 Week 7 Course Project; Final Network Design Plan

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