Neoliberalism and Breaking Bad English Essay


- Having watched the Breaking Bad's Cat's in the Bag (S1 Ep2) and Face Off (S4 Ep13)

- Using Walter and Jesse to write an essay about how they express the idea of neoliberalism

- The attachment includes

   * paper_1.pdf: a prompt and rubric for the essay.

   * paper_1_copy.docx: a sample essay written by someone else.

   * assignment_1_eng_106.docx: a part of what I wrote with a thesis statement (In Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad, Walter White’s continuous struggle in a hypercompetitive, high-stakes marketplace enables him to live the neoliberal dream, a dream where his self-interest and market forces beget violence and financial reward. As a result, Walt has demonstrated the neoliberal ideology of self-reliance and success as his tragedy comes from wishing and deluding himself from controlling his own destiny as well as disregarding the decency and respect for society at large in the pursuit of a buck.) with the scene written upon the face off with Gus Fring.

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