Need a write-up on the below lines.


Need to write a minimum 500 word description covering the below criteria.


Assume you are a Project Manager/ Scrum Master with a IT Organization. 

Write a summary how the knowledge gained in the two subjects mentioned below  has helped the candidate to successfully perform his/her duties as Project Manager/Scrum Master.

It has to clearly explain how the topics mentioned below helped in performing the current role as a Project Manager

Take the topics and analyze their relatedness and how helpful are they for the duties mentioned below

Topics covered in each subject are also mentioned.

Role: Project Manager / Scrum Master


·       Project planning and execution

·       Management of project resources

·       Status reporting (status, risk, issues, action items, etc.) to project teams as well as to senior management/governance committees.

·       Experience with management project financials – budgeting, tracking and reporting actual costs, as well as forecasting project spend.

·       Management of project plans in MS Project

·       Managing service delivery of application development project using Agile and Waterfall methodologies.

·                Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity POC

Subject 1: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

·       Disasters , Types of Disasters

·       Disaster Recovery Plans

·       Business Continuity Planning

·       Risk Assessment (Disaster based Risk Assessment, Asset based Risk Assessment, Octave Risk Assessment)

·       Business Impact Analysis

·       Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3 recovery

·       Critical Assets

·       Business Functions, Business Processes

·       Dependency Analysis

·       Data backup, Recovery site Alternatives

·       Documentation, Creting back-ups

·       Identify DR risks

·       Rehearsing the DR Plan


Subject 2: Cryptography

·       Purpose of Cryptography

·       Algorithms, Encryption, Keys, Kirchoff’s Principle

·       Polyalphabetic Cyphers, Cipher text, Cryptogram

·       Certificate, Certificate Authority

·       Cryptanalysis

·       Decipher / Decrypt / Decode

·       Key Clustering, Key space, Non repudiation

·       Secure HTTP, Secure Sockets Layer, Transport Layer Security

·       Substitution and Transposition

·       Electronic Code book

·       Cypher Block chaining

·       Categories of Cryptosystems

·       Digital Signatures

·     Attack Types, Frequency Analysis

·     Steganography


·     Cryptography and Patent System



1. No Plagiarism

2. Min 2 pages (>500 words)

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