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Case Problem



On April 1st, 2015, Lynn Garcia started her business, called Lynn's Music studio, as a music instructor.



1. Open the company file CH1 Lynn's Music Studio.QBW.

2. Make a backup copy of the company file using the file name LMS1 {Your Name} Lynn's Music Studio

3. Restore the backup copy of the company file. In both the Open Backup Copy and Save Company File as windows use the file name LMS1 {Your Name} Lynn's Music Studio.

4. Change the Company Name to LMS1 [Your Name] Lynn's Music Studio.

5. Close the company


There are several QuickBooks data files that you need to be able to complete for the weekly content and the practice sets. These files are located on the publisher's website.

Complete the Case Problem 1-1 at the end of chapter 1. Submit your back up QuickBooks file to the drop box.

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