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Need this by sunday

Powerpoint Presentation 7 slides, reference slide, speaker notes of 250 per slide, in text citations


To demonstrate how HR interacts with employees in many aspects of their work lives, choose a position within an organization that represents a large portion of the workforce.

Prepare a presentation for a training session for HR employees that addresses the following:

    • Describe the different functions that HR playswithin your organization, including the following:

      • Staffing management

      • Training and development

      • Compensation and benefits

      • Labor and employee relations

    • Discuss how the HR department is involved in all aspects of employment, using the primary HR disciplines of the following:

      • Staffing management

      • Training and development

      • Compensation and benefits

      • Labor and employee relations

    • Describe how the HR department supports the strategic goals of the organization.

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HUMAN RESOURCES xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx HUMAN xxxxxxxxxx

Introduction Human Resources xxxxxxxxxx resources xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx with employees xx several of xxxxx xxxx aspects. The position selected is xxx position of xxxxx xxxxxxxx assistants. Human xxxxxxxx management xxxxx various functions xxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx management, xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx and xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx relations. xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxx by xx xxxxxxxxxxx

Functions of xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 3 Staffing xxxxxxxxxx Training and Development

Functions of Human xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 3 Compensation and xxxxxxxx Labor xxx Employee xxxxxxxxx

Use of HR xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 5 HR xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx Diversity xx related xx staffing xxxxxxxxxxx Leadership helps xx xxxxxxxx and development. Consulting xxxx employees xx related to xxxxxxxx out xxx function of xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx relations. Discipline of xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxxxx

Use of xx Disciplines Human xxxxxxxxx 6 Diversity xxxxx xx diversified workplace. Leadership xxxx motivate and xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx the problems of the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx salary to xxx xxxxxxxxxx

Support to xxxxxxxxx Goals xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx

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