Need a Paper and a Follow up Powerpoint Presentation for a (Culture in Revolt Class)


Culture in Revolt 400

Oral Presentation and Research Paper


Power Point Presentation is Due: APRIL 18TH, 2016


First work on the PowerPoint Presentation: Then work on the Paper

The PowerPoint Presentation is Based on the Paper Topic


  • PowerPoint Presentation is due Before the Paper
  • The presentation should be 6 Minutes Long
  • Make sure you add speaker notes so I can read them and not the bullet points off of the slides when I present the PowerPoint, also make sure the speaker notes won't be projected off of the slides only the presenter can view them
  • Requirements: No complete sentences: just bullet points and images. It would be effective to cite the sources above in your PowerPoint.
  • There should be nothing in the presentation that can be simply read by your audience unless it is a direct quote from a source.


Paper Topic:  

How is society represented in the movies Avatar and Fight Club?


Links Online for Avatar and Fight Club:


Fight Club:


  • What holds society together, and their values 
  • Talk about the world of Pandora in Avatar
  • Talk about jack’s life before he joined the flight club
  • What makes the bonding experience so significant in fight club
  • Is the society in the movie fight club for the betterment of people or not?
  • What issue represented in the course as a whole engages you and how do the various theories, films, and play reflect that issue? 
  • How is this one issue an example of culture in revolt?


  • You will need to support your opinions with six external sources. These must be credible sources from newspapers, articles, TV shows, institutions [colleges] etc.  Fan websites for Fight Club, for example, are not credible. Look who publishes the website; this will indicate if it is credible or not. Anything from the library’s databases is credible. There are two databases of critical reviews of the films that are excellent: IMDB. com and I would use the databases or ask the librarians to help you find sources. If you are in doubt about any, ask me. You may use ideas of course from the theories and / or my lectures presented   in the course but they will not be included as your six sources.



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