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Janand Bill Smith need help developing a financial plan, creating a budget, examing their current financial services, and managing their use of credit. They have $5000 in credit card debt toward which they pay $200 a month, a $400 monthly car payment, and a $1000 monthly mortgage payment. They have less than $4000 in savings. Their annual household is $60,000 a year. They are considering buying a new car since one care is older but paid off. They are also deliberating whether to sell their house and buy another one, but they have not made any decisions yet. They also know they need to reduce their credit card debt, create a plan for saving, and develop an overall financial plan.


I need a 5-6 page paper:

  1. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of Jan and Bill's current financial scenario and describe the fundamental steps in the financial planning process that Jan and Bill could take to improve their overall financial outlook.
  2. Create measurable financial goals for Jan and Bill Smith. Explain the key steps involved in implementing the goals you have created.
  3. Discuss the decisions that Jan and Bill should make concerning their housing and automobiles. Explain the fundamental reasons why they should or should not purchase a new car or home.  Explain two factors they must consider in making the decisions before them.
  4. Compare two different methods that Jan and Bill could use in order to buy a new car based on you internet search.
  5. Need at least 4 references please
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