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Writing Assignment

The Writing Assignment is broken down into two parts totaling 20 points. Part 1 is the Questions and Answer worth 10 points and part 2 is the Short Essays worth 10 points.These are to be submitted TOGETHER in one document, through the DROP PAPER HERE link below.
Writing Assignment
  1. Review writing assignment instructions.
  2. Follow Question and Answer format.
  3. Start on your writing assignment.
  4. Contact your instructor if you have any questions about the requirements.
Submission Instructions
  1. Complete your assignment using a word-processing software such as Microsoft Word and Open Office (download free software at
  2. Save your document as .rtf to ensure that it can be opened at any computer.
  3. Submit your assignment through the SafeAssign link located below.
  4. No assignments will be accepted by email.
Choose a visual artists that was BORN after January 1, 1900 from your book and answer the 6 questions below.
  1. Filmmakers (including animators) or performance artists are not eligible for this assignment.
  2. Artists that work as a team count as a single artist.
  3. Answer each question individually (re-write the question and then answer the question).
  4. Points will be deducted for missing or incomplete responses.
  5. Follow Question and Answer format.
Question and Answer format
  1. Artist name, year of birth, country of birth, textbook page where the artist is mentioned. (1 point)
    • Example: John Doe, Born 1902, Russia, Page 101
  2. Complete website where you found information about the artist. This website must be specific to your artist. (1 point)
    • Please Note: Sources from websites such as Wikipedia, Artcyclopedia or Artopedia will not be accepted.
  3. What is his/her primary media? (1 point)
    • Example: Oil Paint on wood panel.... cast bronze....
  4. List TWOlocations where the artist work is currently displayed or was recently displayed. Be specific. (2 points)
    • Example: Museum of Modern Art, NYC and Leo Castelli Gallery, NYC.
  5. Write a short paragraph about why this artist interests you. (2 points)
    • For full credit your response must be at least 200 words.
  6. Locate on the internet one piece of the artist's work that is not found in A World of Art. (3 points)
    • Fully describe it's media
    • Content
    • Include the full website where you found the piece
    • For full credit your response must be at least 200 words
Short Essays
  1. Select TWO topic questions from the list below.
  2. Write your response in essay format.
  3. For full credit you response to each topic question must be more than 250 words.
  4. Re-write the topic question and then respond to the topic questions in essay format.
  5. Points will be deducted for incorrect grammar and spelling.
Topic Questions
  1. Identifythe four roles that artists play that have not changed over time.
    • Cite examples for each that are NOT from Chapter 1.
  2. Explain the method by which Jackson Pollock created his abstract paintings and their relationship to Allan Kaprow’s “Happenings” ?
  3. Compare and Contrast
    • Venus of Urbino by Titian (1538) and Olympia by Manet (1863).
  4. Describe the features and purposes of The Great Stupa.
  5. Explainhow the group of artists known as the Impressionists
    • Got their name
    • Major factors that tied them together as a group
  6. Discuss the process by which work Over the River, Project for the Arkansas River, State of Colorado was created by artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude.




  • Appropriate Sources

    Evaluating Sources

    No matter where you get your information - a print book or magazine, an electronic database, off the Internet - evaluating your research results is essential for a successful project.

    Consider these key points:

    • AUTHORITY: Who published the item? What are their credentials?
    • CONTENT: What's the author's purpose? Who's the intended audience? Is the content appropriate for college level work?
    • TIMELESS? Does the date matter to you? When was the item published? Updated?
    • ACCURACY? Is the content balanced or biased? Can the content be verified from other sources? Are the author's sources of links cited?
    • CITATION INFO: Do you have everything you'll need to cite quotations? To compile a Works Cited page?


    Scholarly Journal or Popular Magazine?
    'Journal,' 'serial,' 'periodical,' and 'magazine' refer to any publication that appears at regular intervals; and they can be used to refer to both scholarly and popular publications. Some instructors use 'professional journal' to refer to all periodicals whose intended audience is the people working in that profession. Some instructors use various terms interchangeably. The correct use of any of these terms is whatever your instructor says it is.

    The difference between 'scholarly' and 'popular' is the intended audience, the purpose, and the presentation of the material, not the quality of the writing or the reliability of the information.


    • Published by a professional organization or society to advance knowledge in that field
    • Written by researchers for fellow researchers
    • Purpose is to present the results of research
    • Language and presentation are formal
    • Always cites sources
    • Rarely includes photographs but frequently includes statistical graphs and charts
    • Advertising rare, usually subdued, usually related to the field
    • Examples: American Journal of Psychiatry, Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, Nursing Administration Quarterly


    • Published by a company to make a profit through sales of the magazine
    • Written by paid authors for the average reader
    • Purpose is to inform or entertain
    • Language and presentation are informal
    • Rarely cites sources
    • Frequently includes photographs or illustrations
    • Advertising colorful, promotes wide variety of products
    • Examples: People Weekly, Time Magazine, Motor Trend
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